5 common problems faced during monsoon for laundry

5 common problems faced during monsoon for laundry

Monsoon season makes for great weather and an unmatchable vibe, but it does come with its problems. Here are 5 common issues everyone can relate to during monsoons:

Stricter scheduling:

The lack of sunny skies may give you very few days to wash and dry your clothes with ease. It’s best to avoid large piles and plan out to wash any “urgent” clothes or uniforms as and when you get a chance so you can get everything cleaned and dried in due time.

Indoor drying:

Drying clothes inside might lead to odour or a prolonged drying period. Clothes left to dry at room temperatures take days to dry up and might lead to bacteria and germs. It’s worth investing in an electrically heated drying rack or a dryer so you can give your laundry time some flexibility.

The fragrance is key:

A glaring difficulty regarding laundry in monsoons is the odour that clothes develop due to inadequate drying. The nasty smell develops due to the moisture build-up in wet clothes. Aside from cleaning and air drying your washers and dryers regularly, you will need to use scented detergents. Likewise, you might need air fresheners for space where you dry your clothes.

Extra ironing and folding:

It’s vital to dry clothes fully before you fold and store them. You might even find yourself doing some extra ironing to dry these clothes and absorb any excess water or moisture that might still be trapped in your garments. This is an additional step that you can’t afford to skip.

Dedicated space:

Thanks to indoor drying, you need to find a dedicated space for drying your garments inside. This space must be well-ventilated (air-conditioned or with windows) so your clothes can breathe and get rid of any excess moisture.

Doing your laundry becomes tougher when it’s raining outside and you find yourself with a pile of clothes that needs to be cleaned and dried. It’s important to stay ahead of the season and keep yourself scheduled. If you still find yourself trapped with a bunch of dirty laundries, you can always reach out to us at Steam X-Press and our staff member will be at your doorstep to help you out!

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